Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm sorry I haven't written in sososo long.....!!! I've been soo busy and also sick....

It's been pretty stressful. We are moving to a new house we just bought. It's about 10 mi away. We bought it because we were renting before and my parents wanted to make an investment.... My friend and "big sis" Elisa is moving in with me too.... She is going to be staying with me and going to school.... I can't go into all the reasons buuuut......We are moving it TODAY. Yes, I know. Wow.

It also hasn't been the greatest week, because yesterday 3 kids left school, Cassandra, Andrew, and Stewart. And then today we found out another girl, Sam P. is leaving......)=.

Well, this is supposed to be a light-hearted, not really funny, but lighthearted blog. And this hasn't been a lighthearted post so far either....sooo I'll try to think of something a little more on the bright side......(=




Ok, I can't think of anything.......I'll sign off now until I can think of something......


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Layout

How do you like the new layout? I think it's less distracting, personally. Wadya think? [=


Wow I haven't written in a while!! A lot has happened.... I went on choir trip. It was fun! I can't really explain or remember it all though..... I'll try to post later a link to watch us singing...I'm warning you, it's not very good!!

Right before choir trip, my one of my closest friends, Lizzy (you've probably heard me talk about her) got expelled. )'= and a guy named Luke. It's really sad, but I can't give you all the details, just please pray about it. Then when we came back after break, we found out Johnny, our awesome Korean, left )=. I miss him sososo veerry much!! And then, this Sunday, my adopted neice (well, shes another one of my closest friends daughter), Annabelle Misty Skellenger, passed away at 7:39, I believe. }''=We were at the hospital most of the time. She stopped breathing Saturday night and was rushed to the hospital. They knew she probably had brain damage, but they didn't know how severe. Sunday afternoon they found she was completely brain dead, so they stopped life support. Poor beautiful Annabelle; she was only 4 months old. Please pray for her family.

Ok, enough sadness. Let's talk about something's see....ummm.....well.....ok, so maybe this is a bad time......

I better sign off. Hopefully next post will be a little bit more cheerful!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been forever since I've updated my blog!! I haven't had ANY time!! Well, this week is finals, and then Thursday we are going to go on choir trip to Southern Cal. It's gonna be pretty boring, but at least we are going to an imax!! I know. Whoop-dee-doo. We are going to San Diego and LA and all we do is go to an imax. Oh, well, it's better than nothing!

Well, back to monkey business. It was funny, yesterday, Sophia, Kailey, Luke, Evan, Adam O, Adam J, and Jordan were hanging out. Jordan walked away, and five minutes later came back with his hair soaking wet and holding a squash!! That's Jordan for you!! He's all like, "Look, I found a squash in a bush!!" We were laughing so hard!!! Also, I was sitting in choir, leaning back in the chair and I crashed backwards all over the chairs into the wall. The hilarious thing was, nobody even looked up!! Only Lizzy said, "Good job, Hannah," and walked away. People are getting used to my clumsiness!!

Saturday, we sang at two churches–Georgetown and Southgate.  Now, Georgetown is about the size of, um, like, uh, a pea!?!?!? There are about ten people there. Seriously. Ten. And, yah, we like colossally failed. The only good thing about singing there was the fact that half of the people can't hear, so it was good practice for us. The one at Southgate was better, but still wasn't our best.

Haha, I seriously thought I just heard, "She does LSD!! That's so cute!". I'm not even gonna ask.

Well, I better go. Pray for me in my Bible final. I'm NOT ready!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Just a random story. Should I write more of it?? Expand it?? Or leave it??


Autumn stared, shivering, down at the cold water. "Alright, here it goes. Goodbye world," she thought despairingly. Just as she was tightening her muscles to jump, a strong, buff lady wrapped her arms her, hindering her fall. The lady pulled Autumn away from the edge of the bridge and squatted down close to the shivering girl and said seven words Autumn would never forget, "Come. I want you to meet someone." She was a lettle nervous whether or not this muscular lady was gonna turn her in or not, but she seemed sincere, and finally curiosity finally won over. She got in the car with the lady and they drove off. About five minutes into the drive, Autumn started getting really nervous. Actually, she was plain scared. What was she thinking? She got into this car with this lady she didn't know at all, who she knew what Autumn was doing, and was driving off to who knows where to meet who knows who. Finally they reached they're destination. Autumn got out of the car and thought, "What? This is some sort of a barn? What am I doing here?" Suddenly, the car drove away, leaving Autumn standing there in what was now a downpour.

Heading for cover, she ran into the barn. It was musty and dark, smelling strongly of manure. She plopped down on a pile of hay. Gritting her teeth she glared into the inky darkness. "What have I gotten myself into?" she almost shouted. She leaned her head back and groaned. Suddenly she heard footsteps. "Who's there?" she called. Nothing came back to her other than her echo. All of a sudden, she felt this warm sensation. She reached out, not daring to breathe, and touched a warm fuzzy body. She felt a cold, wet thing touch her forehead and she felt a burst of moist air. Autumn ran her arms up and down the creature until she knew for sure. It was a horse. She had always been afraid of horses, but as she sat next to this friendly creature, she forgot to feel afraid. Slowly her eyes closed.....

Autumn sat up with a start. "Where am I?" she thought frantically. Then, suddenly it all came back to her. "Forget this wild goose chase," she thought as she got up to leave. BUt, when she turned towards the door, something caught her breath. Motionless in the doorway, stood a beautiful horse. The sun caught her dapple egray coat and made it glow like an angel. She slowly turned her head towards the shocked girl, her eyes baring Autumn's soul. Thinking something about the horse's eyes was different, she crept up to the gray horse and looked closer at her eyes. She gasped as she noticed the mare's eyes. It was a clear glassly color. Tears started coursing down Autumn's cheeks as she realized the mare was blind. Suddenly, the strange lady from last night was standing in the doorway. It scared Autumn a little to see her so abruptly, but the lady didn't seem to notice, or if she did, she didn't seem to care. "So you met Freedom," the lady said quietly. Autumn merely nodded, not knowing what else to say. "Can I tell you something?" the lady asked. Autumn just nodded again.

"Alright. Freedom was abused as a filly. She was beaten, injured, and neglected. Freedom had every reason to give up on the world. But did she? No. She kept fighting for life. After three years, she was picked up by the Humane Society. I rescued there, and gave her a home. I gave her freedom. See, holding on was worth it to Freedom. And if you keep holding on, it will be worth it to you also."

"But there's nothing for me to live for!" Autumn whispered admist her tears.

"But there is. From now on, every day I expect you to come down here and feed, care for, and ride Freedom."


"No buts. I will teach you to ride and care for a horse."

"But she's blind! How can I-"

"Are you kidding me? You can rider her."

"Uh, well," Autumn stammered.

"Alrighty, then it's settled. See you tomorrow moring at five o'clock sharp," and with that, the eccentric lady left just as suddenly as she had came.

Autumn watched the car leave. "My life has changed so fast in these last two days," she thought. Little did she know how much one beautiful, blind mare named Freedom would change her life.


Haha, I'm soo blonde! Let's see what did I do today. Well, first of all I left Algebra I (second period) and started walking to go get changed. Suddenly, Elisa pokes her head out of the door and yells, "Hannah, what are you doing? You still have Bible left!" Haha, derdader!!

Ok, then at lunch I was talking to JD, and I turned around and saw Elisa staring at the bench. I ignored it and sat down, promptly getting up again and hollering at the top of my lungs. The back of my pants were DRENCHED!!! In case you're wondering, yes, the rest of the kids were laughing at me.

Sam G. also doused me with water (in 50 degree weather). I'm soooo getting her back!!!

I have to get a class sweatshirt today, and we get something written on the back of my sweatshirt. I'm contemplating "that was random". Or maybe random. Or clumsy. Or blondie. Or abnormal.

Anyway, I'm not really thinking tonight. Goodbye....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Job

Today (well technically yesterday), I got a new job for work ed: grounds. I'm working Lizzy, Jourdan, Sam G., and Marshall, which is a pretty awesome group. Anyywaaay, the three girls were working unstacking, wheelbarrowing, and stacking wood. And, since I was the new girl, I was given the hardest job-wheelbarrowing. As Andrew would say (and I can almost hear him saying it in my mind), it was tough, man!! I was pushing it uphill, admist rocks, chips of wood, and ruts. I could definately feel that I hadn't worked out since school started, my muscles were BURNING.

Of course, all that was boring, and I'm sure you skipped it (I would), so here's the more (I think) interesting part. I kept knocking over the whellbarrow, like 20 times. It was heavy, and we were on a slant, so it just kept toppling over. The funny part was during on trek through the woods to deliver the lumber, the whellbarrow tipped over to the right, knocking me over. I was pretty used to that, so I just got up and loaded the wheelbarrow again. I had barely taken one step before the wheelbarrow fell over again, this time to the left. Sam and Lizzy were laughing SOO hard! Then, after I loaded the dumb wheelbarrow up again, my foot slipped on the wet pine needles, I went sprawling, all the wood falling over me again and burying me in it's itchy,, badness? Don't think that's a word. O well, it was really funny (just ask Lizzy and Sam). I finally dumped the wood and started back. Sam congradulated me on not falling again (she's unbearably sarcastic), so I replied with, "Yes, I learn from my-" and just then I slipped and went crashing down. "Mistakes," I squeakly finished while I was rolling on the ground, laughing my head off. Finally, I controlled myself enough to get up, but when I saw the look on Lizzy and Sam's faces, I fell over again, laughing even more. My lungs hurt.....

Yah, well I'm really tired, gonna sleep GOOD tonight! (said in an Andy Griffith voice), so I better sign off.